Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company

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Why to Convert from Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company?

Converting a Private Limited Company to a Public Limited Company uplifts the business. It widens the opportunity, especially by leading access to the market at a broader range and also at raising funds. In a public limited company, even a common man can become a member of the entity. Furthermore, the company can raise funds by making public issues of shares and can also accept deposits from the general public which private limited companies are prohibited as per Companies Act.
For conversion of Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company, the following significant changes will be required:

  •  The requirement for minimum no. of directors will be raised to 3
  •  The requirement for minimum no. of shareholders will be raised to 7
  •  The suffix "Pvt Ltd" in the name of the Company will change to “Ltd”
  •  The MOA and AOA of the company will be altered with the approval of the Government for removing the restriction on transferability of shares and maximum limit of shareholder
  •  Minimum authorized share capital requirement will be raised to Rs. 5,00,000/- from Rs. 1,00,000/-

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Benefits of Conversion into a Public Limited Company from Private Limited Company

Documents Requirement for Conversion

For every Director and Shareholder:
For Registered office:
For Company:

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