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What is DIN Number Registration?

DIN or Director Identification Number is an 8-digit unique identification number, which is allotted by the Central Government to each Individual who is an existing director of a company or who intends to become a director of any company. Director Identification Number (DIN) was introduced in India under the Companies Amendment Act, 2006.

An allotted DIN has lifetime validity until cancelled, surrendered or deactivated and is always mentioned underneath the signature of the Directors under essential documents, information letter or report to be submitted under any law.

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An Overview

The Director Identification Number serves a unique identity to the director, which also helps the Government in maintaining information and records of all directors of a company in a database.

To be able to cross-check and to ensure the director’s identity is valid and all information provided is accurate. Accordingly, the DIN directory will contain all information and details regarding the directors, such as their name, PAN and also their current address. Any modification in the address or other information is required to be updated immediately.

However, the provisions of Company Law prohibit application/possession of multiple DINs at a time and hence contain the punishment for the individual/director who contravenes this provision.

How is a DIN allotted?

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Documents Required

How to modify the details/particulars in DIN?

Other provisions

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Only individuals who are intending to become director/Designated Partner in LLP/company shall apply for allotment of DIN. Further to note, individuals may be resident in Indian or Non-resident.

No individual, who has already been allotted a DIN under provisions of the Companies Act, shall apply for/obtain/possess another DIN.

However, one can opine that if a person has applied or got the second DIN, then it shall be considered as non-compliance of provisions of Companies Act.

As per provisions of Companies act read with relevant rules and Updates on the MCA website “in respect of an individual who owns Duplicate/Multiple DINs, he can retain the Oldest DIN only. DINs obtained later have to be surrendered.”

However, one can opine that the DIN taken later on (means the second DIN) shall be surrendered by Individual. Surrender of First DIN is not at all allowed.

The number of Fees for Form DIR-3 is ₹ 500/-, however, only electronic mode of payment shall be allowed (i.e. Net banking /Credit Card/Debit Card/Pay later/ NEFT).

SPICe Form: Application for allotment of DINs to the first proposed Directors in respect of new companies shall be made in SPICe form only.

DIR-3 Form: Any person who is intending to become a director in an already existing company shall make an application in Form DIR-3 for allotment of DIN.

DIR-6 Form: Any changes/modifications in the particulars of the directors shall be filed in Form DIR-6.

Upon upload and successful payment, in case of Form DIR-3, if details have not been identified as potential duplicate, Approved DIN shall be generated and if the details have been identified as potential duplicate, Provisional DIN shall be generated.

In case, details of form DIR-3 are found as potential duplicates; the same gets routed to the DIN cell for back-office processing. Upon approval of the Form, provisional DIN becomes approved DIN and would be available for further use.

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