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What is IEC registration?

IEC stands for Import and Export code. It is a 10 digit number which has a lifetime validity. The IEC certificate is granted by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. One cannot import without first getting themselves registered for the IEC certificate. Even exporters can only take advantage of customs, export promotion and DGFT benefits if they have the IEC certificate.

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An Overview

India has witnessed a huge growth in the export and import sector in recent years. Indian businesses are looking to expand their base from domestic to international markets, whereas multinational companies like Google, Amazon, Emirates, etc. are entering the Indian marketplace. An importer requires an IEC certificate to clear his shipment from the customs and also to make payment to the foreign party. Exporters use the IEC code to send shipments to foreign countries and receive payments from their foreign clients.

All types of business structures such as proprietorship, partnership firms, LLPs, Companies and charitable organizations are eligible to apply for IEC certificate. IEC certificate is not required if the goods or services imported or exported are for personal use or for traders who are registered under GST.

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Documents Required

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How will we help you?


Once you submit your documents, we shall verify the documents and if everything seems proper we shall file the application. This normally takes 2-3 days. Once the application is filed, it normally takes 5-6 working days for the department to process the application & issue an IEC certificate.

IEC certificate is issued for a particular Pan No. So if all the branches have the same PAN number then you don’t need to separately get an IEC certificate for all the branches. Rather you can have the name of all the branches in the same certificate.

There is no compliance to be fulfilled after the registration of your IEC code.

Yes, you can update your IEC code by submitting all necessary documents to the authority.

Yes, you can make a request to the DGFT online to cancel your IEC certificate.

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