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Copyright is an intellectual property which punishes anyone who tries to copy your creative work. We have a dedicated team and a completely online process for registering your creative work anywhere in India & Overseas.

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What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright is a type of trade secret that gives its owner the absolute right to make copies of an igneous work, usually for a finite time.  You can own a Copyright when you create something new in literary, artistic, educational, or musical form. The registration of copyright is essential because the creator will have a legal right in public, and his work will not be exploited.

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A copyright is a legal right which protects the copying of someone’s creative work. One can register the Copyright under, “The Copyright Act, 1957”. Copyright registration in India gives monetary rights to the creator so that they earn from their creation by making copies, publishing in public, distributing their work with the public, etc. Copyright registration is applicable for the following categories –

Symbol Of Copyright

Circled C symbol “©” is the Designated copyright symbol as per the Copyright Registration Act, 1957 . This circled C can be used for all creative works except sound production, which is denoted by a circled P mark.. This mark indicates that the creation is officially registered and the same design used by any third party is illegal & punishable.


Documents Required

Based on the type of your creativity, the following documents are required
Other Common Documents


How will we help you?

We at ICI can help you register your creative work under copyright to enjoy complete ownership of your creation. We shall provide you with complete legal services in relation to copyright registration.


a. Can someone sue me from a foreign country for Copyright?

Yes, if you copy foreign countries' work, you’ll be sued under the terms of the foreign jurisdiction's copyright law.

b. How is Copyright different from trademark and patent?

Copyright protects the owner's original work. A patent protects inventions and discoveries. Trademark protects words, phrases, symbols or designs identifying the base work.

c. Can I Copyright my brand name?

No, names are not protected by copyright law. However, it can be protected by trademark law.

d. Can I Copyright my website content like blog posts, photos etc ?

Yes, you are allowed to copyright the original content on your website. Domain names cannot be however protected under the copyright law.

e. How long is the validity of a copyright?
Broadcasting 25 years from the beginning of the calendar year following the year it was broadcasted
literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works 60 Years from the year following the death of creator
cinematographed films, sound recordings and photographs 60 years from the date of publication
f. What can I do with my Copyrights?

You can transfer, sell, assign or license your copyright for profit or non-profit motive

g. Can Copyright be renewed in India?

Yes, renewal of copyright is possible by filing the renewal application.

h. What cannot be copyrighted in India?
  • Procedures, Ideas, methods and systems
  • Unwritten speeches
  • Discoveries
  • Commonly known information
  • Choreographic Works
  • Names, Titles, Short Phrases, or Expressions
  • Fashion
i. What are penalties in case of copyright infringement?

The minimum punishment is a fine of  ₹ 50,000 and an imprisonment of 6 months

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