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What is GST?

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The GST department has set up an efficient mechanism to facilitate timely GST refunds so that the businesses can release the stress on working capital cycle & focus on expanding their business. It is important to note that the Refund application will be entertained only if the application is filed within two years from the relevant date.
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In such cases, the government is required to pay you an interest of 24% per annum on your refund amount for each day of delay.

Yes, in some instances CA certificates are required while applying for a refund under GST law.

You will always get all your GST refund in your Bank account to maintain transparency.

A Letter of Undertaking (LUT) or Export bond is a document that exporters can file to export goods or services without having to pay taxes. LUT can be filled online

When your purchases are taxed at a higher rate compared to your sales, then it is evident that you will always have more ITC to cover your output. In such cases, you can claim a refund of your Excess ITC.

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