the fundraising process

Debt: Debt Funds can be raised for buying assets (or) for stocks (or) for both (or) other business requirements. > Identify the purpose of debt requirement and Quantify the fund requirement for each purpose > Explore the security to be offered to the lenders > Exploring feasibility of loan > Identifying bankers > Submission of Information Memorandum > Submission of CMA/Financial Projections > Submission of Other Documents > Query solving of bank’s credit team > Negotiation of terms > Sanctioning of limits > Disbursement of funds

Equity: As a thumb rule, Equity Funds are raised for those purposes where Debt cannot be raised because equity is always costlier then debt > Identify the purpose for raising equity and Quantifying the fund requirement > Exploring feasibility of equity investment given the business and sector potential > Identifying type of equity investor > Preparation of deal collateral including teaser / pitch deck / financial model > Sending out the collateral to potential equity investors > Discussions with equity investors and solving queries > Term sheet from investors outlining broad investment terms > Negotiation of terms > Due diligence and preparation of final documentation post term sheet signing > Signing final documentation > Disbursement of funds

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