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Change company name of private limited company

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What is a company name?

A name is an identification given to a class or category of things or a single item or unique. Similarly, a company has its name. For the growth of the company and brand promotion, a unique identity of the company plays a tremendous role which can ultimately make or break a company. The primary purpose is to let people know more about the company. The name of the organisation should be related to the goods or services they provide.

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After a company is incorporated, the company can change its name anytime. The company is managed by Company law & so the process for a name change is provided by Companies Act, 2013. The method includes conducting meetings of Board & members for respective consent, which will be  followed by the selection of name & Central Government’s approval for new name. Once the name is updated, New Certificate of Incorporation will be issued by ROC. The difference in the name of the company does not affect the existence of the company; also, the assets & liabilities remain unaffected.
Company’s New Name should contain the following features-

  •  Unique Name
  •  Business Motive
  •  Business Type

Reasons for changing the Company name?

Documents Required

Process of Change in Company’s Name.

How can we help you to change the company’s name?


a. What happens to employees when the company changes its name?

Change in the name of a company does not affect the existence of that company or the employees.

b. After a company's name changes, is it mandatory to display the old name?

Yes, the company has to mandatorily display its old name on all essential company documents like financials, resolutions etc. for the period of 2 years from change.

c. From when is the company eligible to use its new name?

A company can start using its new name on company documents only after the issue of Fresh Incorporation Certificate.

d. How long does it take for a name change?

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for the department to issue a fresh certificate.

e. Can another company use the same company name?

No, to avoid confusion, the Secretary of State will not permit duplications.

f. Why is it necessary to change your company name?

Many companies feel the need to change the company name to avoid brand confusion. Also, in case the company changes its line of business, it can change its name.

g. Can we use Pvt. Ltd. Instead of Private limited company?

Yes, Pvt. or (P) or Private makes no difference; it’s just different forms to identify a private limited company.

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