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Registered Office is the official correspondence address of a company used for all official communications of the company or its principal place of business. Shifting your registered address physically takes less effort than shifting your registered address legally. Let our experts take the burden for shifting your registered address in the eyes of law. Contact us Today!!

Change registered address of private limited company

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What is a Registered Address?

“A tree begins with a seed” – Similarly, a company begins with an individual or group of individuals. The business line and objective decides which business structure is chosen, such as sole proprietorship, partnership or company. They can also be distinguished as a private company or public. Each company has its own registered office where all official connections are sent. The official address of the Incorporated Company is termed as registered address.

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A company is a legal entity formed by an individual or group of individuals to operate a business. A company has many offices such as corporate office, branch office, administration office, factory and registered office. All the official connections related to the Company are sent to the registered office. So it is necessary to get the office registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The promoters decide the location of the registered office. The registered office is declared by filing INC 22. If any changes in the address after registration, then it should be intimated to ROC within 15 days.

Reason for change of Registered Office of the Company
The Companies Act, 2013 and Companies (Incorporation of Company and Matters Incidental) Rules, 2014 – Specifies the law and procedure regarding the registered office and shifting of the registered office of the Company.

Documents Required


Process of Registration

How can we help you to change the company's registered address?

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a. Can the residential property be commercial property?

Yes. There is no compulsion; you can register your residential property for commercial purposes.

b. How long does it take to change the registered office address?

It usually depends upon the processing time by the government but approximately 5-7 working days.

c. Is it easy to change the registered address of the Company?

Yes, generally it is very easy and convenient. However, in a few cases it can be complex.

d. How do I change companies' addresses on Google?

Step1- Login to Google Account.
Step2- Click on the Menu icon.
Step3- Click on the address field.
Step4- Enter your address and click apply.
(Note- if you have multiple locations, click on the location you want to manage.)

e. Can two Companies can have the same registered address?


f. Can the address of the registered office be outside India?

No, it should be situated within India.

g. Still have doubts?

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