Recurring Deposit Calculator

Recurring deposits (RD) are investment instruments like fastened deposits. RDs produce a habit of standard investment among earning people. These additionally insert discipline as it involves savings. Regular deposits are offered by the bulk of banks and other financial establishments.

RD returns calculation may be quite sophisticated for a median capitalist to work out accurately when this is often wherever RD calculator can be vastly useful.

Recurring Deposit Calculator

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How is RD Interest Calculated?

To make an investment call, it’s essential an associate estimates the returns that you can earn. RD interest calculator can facilitate a capitalist in estimating the expected returns.

Financial Quarters for continual Deposit:

  • Quarter 1: Apr to June
  • Quarter 2: July to Sep
  • Quarter 3: October to Dec
  • Quarter 4: January to March


How to Use the RD Calculator?

Using a recurring Deposit calculator will make your calculations easy. Using it is extremely simple, and also the results are accurate. Investors will save a lot of time using it to calculate maturity amounts from RDs and might also use this to check multiple RDs. By utilizing an RD calculator, a capitalist will arrange his/her finances with clarity as they’re going to understand the precise maturity price from their investment in RDs.

Investors have to be compelled to follow the subsequent steps to use the RD maturity calculator.

  1. Enter the monthly deposit quantity the investors want to speculate.
  2. Next is to enter the term of investment in years. Use the slider to enter the tenure.
  3. The last step involves getting into the rate of the RD. Use the slider to enter the interest.

The RD maturity calculator currently returns the initial investment, wealth gained, and total corpus created in numeric and graphical formats. 


What is the eligibility for opening an RD account?

Indian residents and Hindu Undivided Families can open RD account. NRIs can also open the RD account via NRO and NRE accounts.

Banks provide RD schemes for minors also, under the guardianship of parents to supervise their finances.


Is premature withdrawal allowed in RD accounts?

You can withdraw the amount can only on maturity. In case an emergency arises, you can break your RD prematurely, but once you do that, your account will be closed. Banks may deduct 1-2 percent penalty from the interest on your RD amount for the period for which the amount was with the bank. In India Post Office, 1 Rupee for every 100 rupees shall be charged.

The minimum lock-in period is 3 months and if the depositor requests a premature withdrawal before that, he earns zero interest. Only the principal amount will be refunded to him. Apart from cancelled interest, any incentives offered are also withdrawn.


What exactly happens on maturity of RD account?

On complete maturity of your RD account, you can ask the bank to transfer the principal amount and accumulated interest component directly into your savings account. You can also invest your RD amount in FD after maturity.


Can a Company Name be rejected?

Yes, the authority for accepting or rejecting a company name application only rests with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA.)


What are the Important Company Naming Guidelines?


When will the company name get rejected?

The Result of your search for Name availability is based on a preliminary check conducted by our system, However, the name proposed by you for Proposed Company/LLP is still subject to a more comprehensive check at Central Registration Centre (CRC). Before applying for a name, it is advisable to conduct your own Name and Trade Mark search. Read Terms Of Use info

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