Trademark Registration

A trademark is a unique identity that makes your product, service or enterprise stand out from the rest. If you have a unique idea or logo, a trademark can protect it from illegal use permanently. We have a dedicated team and a completely online process for registering your trademark anywhere in India and also overseas.

Trademark registration

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What is Trademark Registration?

Simply put, trademarks are a unique identity or expression that are used to identify a specific company or its goods or services. This unique identity or expression could be a logo, photograph, slogan, word, sound, smell, colour combination graphics. . This is important because it sets your products apart from the competition. It can be linked to your brand or product. A registered trademark is a business’s intellectual property and intangible asset. The tick logo for Nike or the leaping wildcat for Puma are some valuable trademark examples.

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Building a brand takes a lot of effort and consistent hard work over time. So, it is very important to register your logo, word, sign, symbol,, brand name, numerals or combination of colors, packaging labels, shape, sound, jingle, tagline or a combination used by a company to identify their own products and/or services in which you have undoubtedly invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears to enjoy the exclusive ownership of your creativity and create a distinct identity for your brand. 

In India you can trademark any of the following items:

The Controller General Of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Ministry Of Industry and Commerce and Government Of India register trademarks in India. You can register the trademark under The Trademark Act, 1999.


Documents Required

Process Flow

How will we help you?

We at ICI can help you register your trademark and enjoy complete ownership of your brand. We shall provide you with complete legal services in relation to Trademark registration.

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a. What is Trademark Class ?

All goods and services have been classified under 45 classes. While filing your trademark registration application, you are required to mention the class/classes that represent your goods/services. We will help you to find the applicable class/classes for your goods/services.

b. Can I register a trademark under different classes in a single application?

Yes, you can file a single application for registering your trademark under 2 or more classes.

c. How much time does it take to get your trademark registered?

It takes close to 15-18 months to get your trademark registered & then you can legally put the ® symbol beside your logo or design. However, the time frame may increase if there are objections, third party oppositions etc

d. What can you not register as a trademark?

You cannot file an application for registering your trademark if :

  • Trademark is identical to an existing registered trademark
  • Trademark application is already filed and under process of registration
  • Trademark is offensive or causes confusion or deception.
  • Trademark contains geographical names, common names, common trade words and common abbreviations
e. Can we amend the registered trademarks in future?

Yes, as per the provision of the Trademarks Act, the owner is allowed to amend his filed mark. This amendment however should not amount to a substantial change in the mark. By filing a request in prescribed format along with the amended label mark once can amend the insignificant changes in the trademark.

f. Is my trademark valid outside India?

No, the trademark is valid only in India.

g. Do I need to file 2 separate applications for registering my brand as well as logo ?

No, the ministry accepts a single application if the brand and logo are submitted together in one image.

h. Can I get my trademark de-registered if I don't use it ?

Yes, if a trademark is not used for a continuous period of 5 years, then an application can be filed for de-registering of the trademark.

i. What are the government fees for filing the trademark application ?

Government fees are levied depending on the Number of Classes Applied for and not Number of Applications.

Particulars Individuals/ Startups/ MSMEs Others
Application for Registration of single mark (per class) INR 4,500 per mark per class INR 9,000 per mark per class
Renewal of registered trademark INR 9,000 INR 9,000
Amendment (if any) to the application filed INR 900 INR 900
Amendment (if any) to a registered application filed INR 1,800 INR 1,800
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